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Charlotte Hall, MD 20622


Monday—Friday:  8:00AM–4:30PM

Saturday:  By Appointment Only

About Schoenbauer Furniture Service, Inc.

Four generations of the Schoenbauer family have built a company known coast to coast for superior workmanship and top quality customer service for the Repair, Restoration, Refinishing of furniture and art objects of all types, from fine antiques and family heirlooms to contemporary pieces and executive office furniture.

Schoenbauer Furniture Service Areas Served

We serve over 450 zip codes across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Schoenbauer proudly serves the following zip codes

20026-20040 Washington DC20689 Sunderland, MD21050 Forest Hill, MD21757 Keymar, MD
20041 Dulles Airport, VA20690 Tall Timbers, MD21051 Fork, MD21758 Knoxville, MD
20044-20064 Washinton DC20692 Valley Lee, MD21052 Fort Howard, MD21759 Ladiesburg, MD
20088 Bethesda, MD20693 Welcome, MD21053 Freeland, MD21762 Libertytown, MD
20090-20091 Washinton DC20695 White Plains, MD21054 Gambrills, MD21764 Linwood, MD
20105 Aldie, VA20701 Annapolis, MD21056 Gibson Island, MD21765 Lisbon, MD
20106 Amissville, VA20703 Lanham, MD21057 Glen Arm, MD21767 Maugansville, MD
20107 Arcola, VA20705 Beltsville (Lanham), MD21060-21061 Glen Burnie, MD21769 Middletown, MD
20108-20113 Manassas, VA20706 Lanham, MD21071 Glyndon, MD21770 Monrovia, MD
20115-20116 Marshall, VA20707-20709 Laurel, MD21074 Hampstead, MD21771 Mount Airy, MD
20117-20118 Middleburg, VA20710 Bladensburg, MD21075 Elkridge, MD21773 Myersville, MD
20119 Catlett, VA20711 Lothian, MD21076 Hanover, MD21774 New Market, MD
20120-20123 Centreville, VA20712 Mount Rainer, MD21077 Harmans, MD21775 New Midway, MD
20124 Clifton, VA20714 North Beach, MD21078 Havre De Grace, MD21776 New Windsor, MD
20128 Orlean, VA20715-20721 Bowie, MD21080 Henryton, MD21777 Point of Rocks, MD
20129 Paeonian Springs, VA20722 Brentwood, MD21082 Hydes, MD21778 Rocky Rodge, MD
20130 Paris, VA20723-20724 Laurel, MD21084 Jarrettsville, MD21779 Rohrersville, MD
20131 Philomont, VA20731 Capitol Heights, MD21085 Joppa, MD21780 Sabillasville, MD
20132-20134 Purcellville, VA20732 Cheasapeake Beach,MD21087 Kingsville, MD21781 Saint James, MD
20135 Bluemont,VA20733 Churchton, MD21088 Lineboro, MD21782 Sharpsburg, MD
20136 Bristow, VA20735 Clinton, MD21090 Linthicum Heights, MD21783 Smithsburg, MD
20137 Broad Run, VA20736 Owings, MD21092 Long Green, MD21784 Sykesville, MD
20138 Calverton, VA20737-20738 Riverdale, MD21093-21094 Lutherville, MD21787 Taneytown, MD
20139 Casanova, VA20740 College Park, MD21101 Magnolia, MD21788 Thurmont, MD
20140 Rectortown, VA20742 Univ of MD21102 Manchester, MD21790 Tuscarora, MD
20141-20142 Round Hill, VA20743 Capitol Heights, MD21104 Marriotsville, MD21791 Union Bridge, MD
20143 Catharpin, VA20744 Fort Washington, MD21105 Maryland Line, MD21792 Unionville, MD
20144 Delaplane, VA20745 Oxon Hill, MD21106 Mayo, MD21793 Walkersville, MD
20146-20148 Ashburn, VA20746 Suitland, MD21108 Millersville, MD21794 West Friendship, MD
20151-20153 Chantilly, VA20747 District Heights, MD21111 Monkton, MD21795 Williamsport, MD
20155-20156 Gainesville, VA20748 Temple Hills, MD21113 Odenton, MD21797 Woodbine, MD
20158-20159 Hamilton, VA20749 Fort Washington, MD21114 Crofton, MD21798 Woodsboro, MD
20160 Lincoln, VA20750 Oxon Hill, MD21117 Owings Mill, MD21801-21804 Salisbury, MD
20163 Dulles, VA20751 Deale, MD21120 Parkton, MD21810-21811 Berlin, MD
20164-20167 Sterling, VA20752 Suitland, MD21122-21123 Pasadena, MD21842-21843 Ocean City, MD
20168-20169 Haymarket, VA20753 District Heights, MD21128 Perry Hall, MD21903 Perryville, MD
20170-20172 Herndon,VA20754 Dunkirk, MD21130 Perryman, MD21904 Port Deposit, MD
20175-20178 Leesburg, VA20755 Fort Meade, MD21131 Phoenix, MD21911 Rising Sun, MD
20180 Lovettsville, VA20757 Temple Hills, MD21132 Pylesville, MD21917 Colora, MD
20181-20182 Nokesville, VA20758 Friendship, MD21133 Randallstown, MD21918 Conowingo, MD
20184-20185 Upperville, VA20759 Fulton, MD21136 Reisterstown, MD21921-21922 Elkton, MD
20186-20188 Warrenton, VA20762 Andrews AFB, DC21139 Riderwood, MD22003 Annandale, VA
20190-20195 Reston, VA20763 Savage, MD21140 Riva, MD22009-22015 Burke, VA
20197 Waterford, VA20764 Shady Side, MD21144 Severn, MD22026 Dumfries, VA
20198 The Plains, VA20765 Galesville, MD21146 Severna Park, MD22027 Vienna, VA
20200- ??? All of Washington, DC20768 Greenbelt, MD21150 Simpsonville, MD22030-22039 Fairfax, VA
20301-20310 Pentagon, VA20769 Glenn Dale, MD21152 Sparks-Glencoe, MD22041-22046 Falls Church, VA
20317 Washington, DC20770 Greenbelt, MD21153 Stevenson, MD22060 Ft Belvoir, VA
20319 Washington, DC20771 Goddard Space Ctr, MD21154 Street, MD22066 Great Falls, VA
20330 Pentagon, VA20772-20775 Upper Marlboro, MD21155 Upperco, MD22079 Lorton, VA
20332-20336 Bolling AFB, DC20776 Harwood, MD21156 Upper Falls, MD22101-22102 McLean, VA
20350 Pentagon, VA20777 Highland, MD21157-21158 Westminster, MD22103 West McLean, VA
20374 Navy Yard, DC20778 West River, MD21160 Whiteford, MD22116 Merrifield, VA
20375 Naval Research, DC20779 Tracys Landing, MD21161 White Hall, MD22121 Mount Vernon, VA
20422 Veterans Hosp.,DC20780-20789 Hyattsville, MD21162 White Marsh, MD22122 Newington, VA
20500 White House, DC20791 Hampton Park, MD21163 Woodstock, MD22124 Oakton, VA
20601-20604 Waldorf, MD20794 Jessup, MD21201-21224 Baltimore, MD22125 Occoquan, VA
20606 Abell, MD20812 Glen Echo, MD21225-21226 Brooklyn Park, MD22134 Quantico, VA
20607 Accokeek, MD20813-20817 Bethesda, MD21227-21285 Baltimore, MD22150-22153 Springfield, VA
20608 Aquasco, MD20818 Cabin John, MD21286 Towson, MD22172 Triangle, VA
20609 Avenue, MD20824-20827 Bethesda, MD21401-21405 Annapolis, MD22180-22183 Vienna, VA
20610 Barstow, MD20830-20832 Olney, MD21601 Easton, MD22191-22194 Woodbridge, VA
20611 Bel Alton, MD20833 Brookeville, MD21612 Bozman, MD22199 Lorton, VA
20612 Benedict, MD20837 Poolesville, MD21613 Cambridge, MD22201-22219 Arlington, VA
20613 Brandywine, MD20838 Barnesville, MD21617 Centreville, MD22301-22320 Alexandria, VA
20615 Broomes Island, MD20839 Beallsville, MD21619 Chester, MD22401-22408 Fredericksburg, VA
20616 Bryans Road, MD20841 Boyds, MD21620 Chestertown, MD22427 Bowling Green, VA
20617 Bryantown, MD20842 Dickerson, MD21622 Church Creek, MD22430 Brooke, VA
20618 Bushwood, MD20847-20859 Rockville, MD21624 Claiborne, MD22433 Burr Hill, VA
20619 California, MD20860 Bethesda, MD21626 Crapo, MD22443 Colonial Beach, VA
20620 Callaway, MD20861 Ashton, MD21634 Fishing Creek, MD22448 Dahlgren, VA
20621 Chaptico, MD20862 Brinklow, MD21638 Grasonville, MD22463 Garrisonville, VA
20622 Charlotte Hall, MD20866 Burtonsville, MD21647 McDaniel, MD22471 Hartwood, VA
20623 Cheltenham, MD20868 Spencerville, MD21652 Neavitt, MD22485 King George, VA
20624 Clements, MD20871 Clarksburg, MD21653 Newcomb, MD22508 Locust Grove, VA
20625 Cobb Island, MD20872 Damascus, MD21654 Oxford, MD22520 Montross, VA
20626 Coltons Point, MD20874-20876 Germantown, MD21658 Queentown, MD22526 Ninde, VA
20627 Compton, MD20877-20879 Gaithersburg, MD21661 Rock Hall, MD22535 Port Royal, VA
20628 Dameron, MD20880 Washington Grove, MD21662 Royal Oak, MD22538 Rappahannock Acad., VA
20629 Dowell, MD20882-20886 Gaithersburg, MD21663 St Michaels, MD22542 Rhoadesville, VA
20630 Drayden, MD20889 Bethesda, MD21665 Sherwood, MD22544 Rollins Fork, VA
20632 Faulkner, MD20891 Kensington, MD21666 Stevensville, MD22545 Ruby, VA
20634 Great Mills, MD20892-20894 Bethesda, MD21669 Taylors Island, MD22553 Spotsylvania, VA
20635 Helen, MD20895 Kensington, MD21671 Tilghman, MD22554 Stafford, VA
20636 Hollywood, MD20896 Garrett Park, MD21672 Toddville, MD22555 Aquia Harbour, VA
20637 Hughesville, MD20898-20899 Gaithersburg, MD21673 Trappe, MD22567 Unionville, VA
20639 Huntingtown, MD20901-20916 Silver Springs, MD21675 Wingate, MD22580 Woodford, VA
20640 Indian Head, MD21001-21005 Aberdeen, MD21676 Wittman, MD22601 Winchester, VA
20643 Ironsides, MD21009 Abingdon, MD21677 Woolford, MD22611 Berryville, VA
20645 Issue, MD21010 Gunpowder, MD21678 Worton, MD22620 Boyce, VA
20646 LaPlata, MD21012 Arnold, MD21679 Wye Mills, MD22630 Front Royal, VA
20650 Leonardtown, MD21013 Baldwin, MD21701-21704 Frederick, MD22639 Hume, VA
20653 Lexington Park, MD21014-21015 Bel Air, MD21710 Adamstown, MD22643 Markham, VA
20656 Loveville, MD21017 Belcamp, MD21711 Big Pool, MD22664 Woodstock, VA
20657 Lusby, MD21018 Benson, MD21713 Boonsboro, MD22701 Culpeper, VA
20658 Marbury, MD21020 Boring, MD21714 Braddock, MD22712 Bealeton, VA
20659 Mechanicsville, MD21021 Bradshaw, MD21715 Brownsville, MD22714 Brandy Station, VA
20660 Morganza, MD21022 Brooklandville, MD21716 Brunswick, MD22718 Elkwood, VA
20661 Mount Victoria, MD21023 Bulter, MD21717 Buckeystown, MD22720 Goldvein, VA
20662 Nanjemoy, MD21024 Cardiff, MD21718 Burkittsville, MD22724 Jeffersonton, VA
20664 Newburg, MD21027 Chase, MD21719 Cascade, MD22726 Lignum, VA
20667 Park Hall, MD21028 Churchville, MD21720 Cavetown, MD22728 Midland, VA
20670 Patuxent River NAS, MD21029 Clarksville, MD21721 Chewsville, MD22734 Remington, VA
20674 Piney Point, MD21030 Cockeysville, MD21722 Clear Springs, MD22736 Richardsville, VA
20675 Pomfret, MD21031 Hunt Valley, MD21723 Cooksville, MD22737 Rixeyville, VA
20676 Port Republic, MD21032 Crownsville, MD21727 Emmitsburg, MD22739 Somerville, VA
20677 Port Tobacco, MD21034 Darlington, MD21733 Fairplay, MD22741 Stevensburg, VA
20678 Prince Frederick, MD21035 Davidsonville, MD21734 Funkstown, MD22742 Sumerduck, VA
20680 Ridge, MD21036 Dayton, MD21735 Gaither, MD22747 Washington, VA
20682 Rock Point, MD21037 Edgewater, MD21737 Glenelg, MD22960 Orange, VA
20684 St. Inigoes, MD21040 Edgewood, MD21738 Glenwood, MD23117 Mineral, VA
20685 St. Leonard, MD21041-21043 Ellicott City, MD21740-21742 Hagerstown, MD25401-25446 West Virginia
20686 St. Mary's City, MD21044-21046 Columbia, MD21754 Ijamsville, MD25549 Shiloh, VA
20687 Scotland, MD21047 Fallston, MD21755 Jefferson, MD
20688 Solomons, MD21048 Finksburg, MD21756 Keedysville, MD

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, zip.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, zip.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, zip.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, zip.