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Refinishing Pricing Guide

Refinishing Pricing Guide

This guide is intended to help our customers obtain a cost range on an item. Each item is different and each customer’s expectations vary. The actual cost can be higher or lower than the cost stated here depending on condition, style, wood type, color and quality of finish needed. If the range given meets your expectations, please send us photos for a more accurate estimate. (Estimates based on photos are subject to physical inspection for a firm cost.)

Repair to large chips, missing pieces or broken areas are not included in standard refinishing.


Dining Table Top only $30-$50 per sq ft including leaves
Dining Table Base or Legs $150-$300
Drop Leaf Table $30-$50 per sq ft.
(must include back side of drop leaf)
Coffee Table (small) $350-$450
Coffee Table (large) $450-$600
End Table (small) $250-$400
End Table (large) $350-$600


Dining Chair $250-$400
Rocker (childs) $200-$300
Rocker (adult) $300-$500
Office Chair $350-$550
Morris Chair $375-$575
Benches or Pews $100 per linear foot


Small $600-$900
Medium $800-$1000
Large $1000-$1800
Mirrors $200-$500


Nightstands $400-$900


Small $550-$850
Medium $700-$1100
Large $1200-$2000


Armoire $1400-$3000


Twin $600-$800
Full $700-$1200
King $800-$1800


Roll Top (small) $650-$1250
Roll Top (large) $900-$2000
Drop Front (small) $900-$1800
Drop Front (large) $1500-$3000
Executive (small) $1000-$2000
Executive (large) $1500-$3000
Secretary $1800-$3200


Small $600-$1200
Medium $800-$1600
Large $1200-$3000

China Cabinets

Small $800-$1200
Medium $1000-$1800
Large $1800-$3600


Skrunks $2000-$6000

Cedar Chest

Exterior only $500-$900


Upright $3000-$6000
Baby Grand $5000-$9000
Grand $6000-$10,000

Additional Costs

  • Repairs/Re-gluing/Part manufacturing – based on condition
  • Changing from paint to stain
  • Changing from dark color stain to lighter color
  • Re-veneering

Pick up and Delivery service

  • 1 man - $150 and up based on location and quantity of items
  • 2 men - $250 and up based on location and quantity of items


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