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Ball melted to a table!

Q: An exercise ball was left on our dinner table too long. The plastic in the ball caused the finish on the table to literally melt. The topcoat and the finish underneath are now gone, and I am having difficulty finding someone who can come out to my home and repair the spot. The table is large, so it is difficult to transport. Do you know of a service that does this kind of work at the home? -Reston

A: Two companies that make house calls for furniture repairs are Furniture Medic by Karen in Northern Virginia (703-478-0080; and Schoenbauer Furniture Service in Charlotte Hall, Md. (800-955-7603;

However, erasing the bald spot on your table will take more than a touch-up. “This sort of damage requires the entire table to be refinished (stripped, washed, sanded, stained and finished) in order to get a smooth, even result,” Erick Osman of Furniture Medic said in an email. Osman and his brother Mitchell own the company, which used to have a shop but now operates from their vans.

Katie Schoenbauer Morgan at Shoenbauer gave similar advice. “The existing finish would be stripped off, the top would be prepped, stained to original color, and the finish would be sprayed to match the original sheen,” she wrote in an email.

Osman said that they would move the table to a garage or patio for the messiest steps: stripping and sanding. They’d bring it back inside to apply the stain and finish, to ensure proper temperature for the finish to cure. He didn’t estimate a price but said it would depend on the size and whether the wood is veneer or solid and what kind of grain it has.

Schoenbauer has a full-service shop, so the company would fix your table there. The cost would range from $35 to $45 per square foot, depending on the type of finish and the sheen you want. The company would charge extra for pickup and delivery. Furniture Medic by Karen charges $20 to $40 per square foot.

The Washington Post

Excerpted from The Washington Post Home & Garden Section
Article by Jeanne Huber, December 16, 2015


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